Academic Assessment

Missouri Valley College is committed to providing students with a liberal arts education that equips them to confront the challenges of the future. To that end, the College maintains comprehensive, cyclical processes of assessment to improve the quality of educational programs and services.

Learning outcomes are posted to identify what the College deems important for students to know, do, think, or value upon completion of a learning activity, such as a class, course, or degree program. Evidence of students’ learning within each activity is evaluated to confirm existing practice or to identify areas in need of improvement. The goal is to enhance students’ educational experience through a continual cycle of improvements at all levels.

All students are required to participate in assessment. Courses and instructors are assessed by students. In the general education core curriculum, faculty assess students’ performance in achieving the learning outcomes posted for each core area. Information on assessment results is then aggregated and examined to identify strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum so adjustments can be made to improve students’ learning.

All seniors participate in assessment of their level of achievement of the learning outcomes posted for their chosen major programs. Various methods of assessment are determined by the faculty in each major program. Information on specific major assessment can be found in the respective major sections of this catalog. Results of major assessments are analyzed to facilitate students’ learning and to make improvements to the programs.