Academic Year

The academic year consists of two semesters, one inter-session, one summer term (8 week for undergraduates, 12 weeks for graduates). The Fall Term commences in late August and concludes in mid-December. The Spring Term extends from mid-January through early May. The Summer Terms may be used to accelerate progress toward graduation, to utilize special course offerings, to correct grade point deficiencies, or to obtain an early start on college studies. Odd and even academic years are determined by the fall semester (2022-23 even year; 2023-24 odd year). Course offering schedule (Fall, Spring, Fall Odd, Spring Odd and Online) is listed in each course description. The following definitions will also help in determining when a course is offered:

  • As Needed - Major requirement or elective that will be offered as student demand requires.
  • On Cycle - Course is offered at least once during a 4-year cycle. A course listed as “on cycle” cannot be a major requirement, but can be an elective option for the major.