Final Exam Week

The final exam schedule for the fall and spring semester is published on the website. Final exam schedules are not to be changed. Students should plan rides home and other obligations in accord with the final exam schedule.

However, the college provides the following final examination changes policy, but it does not guarantee a change can be made.

Final Examination Changes Policy:

Students requesting exceptions to the MVC final examination schedule, for any reason, must complete a Final Examination Alternative Time Form. The form may be obtained in the Academic Affairs Office. A copy of this form must be completed and submitted to the Academic Affairs Office and to the instructor of each affected class not later than one month prior to the start of final examinations.

Decision Making Process

A decision concerning the request will be made by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and communicated to the instructor and student no later than three weeks prior to the official beginning of final examinations.

Payment of Exam Change Fee

If the request is granted, students must take the approved form to the Business Office and pay a $100 (per day of affected exams) Final Examination Change of Schedule Fee there, two weeks prior to the official beginning of final examinations.

Alternative Final Examination Time Schedules

Up to five alternate exam times may be offered. Students who: 1) complete the Final Examination Alternative Time Form, 2) are granted approval to change their exam(s), and 3) pay the fee will be assigned to take their final during one of these times. Students will be able to request which of the alternative times they prefer, but all decisions will be based on space availability.

If a student is unable to take the final examination during the assigned alternate time, the student may take the exam during the originally scheduled time or accept a zero for the final exam involved.

Extended Access to Campus

Students may request extended access to campus to provide them with greater travel flexibility. Students who wish to be permitted to stay on campus, in the residence halls, past regularly scheduled move out dates, must process a request to do this request through the Office of Student Affairs.